A Mission With A Vision...

We have donated over 180,000 pairs of reading glasses to those in need around the world!

Throughout many of our crazy adventures in the developing world we came across many impoverished and underprivileged people from all walks of life making a living with their hands... whether it be, farming, fishing, sewing, cooking, building, etc. It became obvious that some of the villagers were having a hard time with their ‘close up’ vision - threading needles, sorting fishing lines, etc.

Amazingly, the lack of access to reading glasses was the main barrier preventing these people from seeing clearly which would drastically improve their livelihood. They had virtually zero access to eye care or corrective reading glasses and some of the villagers told us they had gone decades with bad vision!

So, we decided to help by teaming up with

Through our own mission trips and RV’s distribution network of ~2,500 micro non-profits around the world we have the ability to penetrate deep into the developing countries to reach those truly in need of corrective eyecare to better improve their livelihoods.

The Simple Math:

Over 1 billion people worldwide have some form of vision impairment

825 million people suffer from presbyopia – treatable with reading glasses

90% or 742 million of these people don’t have access to vision care

Studies show that restoring someone’s ability to see clearly can help increase productivity in work by 35% and boost their income by ~20%. For those living on $4/day – which describes 50% of the developed world’s population - a new pair of glasses can be lifechanging, not only for them but for their families and communities.

Map of Our Impact:

Since the inception of Humps Optics we have pledged to donate yearly to Restoring Vision and carry out our own mission trips around the world. To date we have successfully delivered over 180,000 reading glasses to those in need.

Together, we can actually make a difference!

What's Our Motivation?

    Well it’s not for profit. Having seen first-hand the poverty throughout the developing world, our founder wanted to find a way to give back if Humps ever turned into a successful company. And thanks to you Humps has been able to help tens of thousands of people to see clearly again. We just don’t make sweet sunglasses, we make the best sunglasses to fill your soul and fit your style.

Philanthropy Is Cool, Right?

We are a greedy species by nature, but sometimes it can feel better to give back. At Humps you can give back and get some cool sunglasses in return. We’ll do the donating for you, so it back, relax, and know you did a good thing! Take a look at our sunglasses for men and sunglasses for women to get started… you’ll find sweet polarized sunglasses in all different shapes and styles: aviator sunglasses, cat eye sunglasses, retro sunglasses, etc.